Offering customized Synbio product solutions that are better for the planet, people and businesses. 

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Synbio Product

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operating system 

Our platform follows a streamlined ‘lab-to-launch’ operating system, expediting the market introduction innovative biomaterials. 

We Offer

Solutions to... 


Transforming supply chains – steering away from harsh chemistry, animal source products and forest resources –impacting industries such as Future Foods, Health and Wellness, Cosmeceutics, Fuels, & many more.


Work in collaboration or partnership for advancing national/ global sustainability initiatives. 

The industries we impact…

Health & Wellness

Improve nutrition – proteins, enzymes, fats, colors, fragrances, flavors and more with synthetic biology 


Safer and more compliant ingredients using synbio – lipids, fats, colors, fragrances

Future Foods

Working on game changing innovation to make alt proteins a viable bet for the future.

Customized Solutions 

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