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Joining Forces With MISTA

We’re pleased to announce our membership with MISTA — a multi dimensional innovation platform — uniquely structured to enhance the potential of its members through a hyperconnected and adaptable ecosystem. By aligning with MISTA, we aim to leverage collective knowledge and resources, reinforcing our commitment to advancing the sector through thoughtful collaboration.

Forging the Future of Foods

Fermbox Bio and BBGI Join Forces with Aleph Farms to Revolutionize Cultivated Meat Production in Southeast Asia

Fermbox Bio is excited to announce our strategic collaboration with Aleph Farms, a leader in the field of cellular agriculture, and BBGI, a large-scale manufacturer and distributor of biobased products. Together, we are establishing a plant for cutting-edge food biotechnology applications in Southeast Asia (located in Thailand) with the goal of enhancing the scalability and accessibility of cultivated meat production.


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