Fermbox Bio Appoints Dr. Jay Shetty as Advisor

Jay Shetty, Ph.D.

President, JayNzyme
Former Research Head, Miles/Solvay Enzymes Vice President and Head, Global Grain Enzymes Applications Genencor/ Danisco/DuPont, Palo Alto, California

Dr. Jay Shetty is a veteran in the field of Industrial Biotechnology with a strong focus on enzymes and their use in industrial, food, feed, as well as health and nutritional applications. This fascination inspired his PhD in Biochemistry, and subsequent post-doctoral work at Cornell University, that resulted in an illustrious career in R&D, applied innovations, and fermentation engineering.

He has moved up to the highest technical rank, “DuPont Fellow”, in DuPont Industrial Bioscience, R&D organization. With more than four decades of technical expertise in Innovation and Marketing, Dr. Shetty has successfully converted scientific breakthroughs into value-added solutions, leading to commercial success and significant revenue. He has developed new and differentiated products and processes with additional value. He has also pioneered the application of enzymes in various sectors, including the enzymatic hydrolysis of food proteins and starch for improved nutritional and functional properties.Throughout his career, Dr. Shetty has built an extensive portfolio of more than 100 granted and filed patents, penned over 50 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. In addition, Dr. Jay Shetty was a recipient of 2005 “Top One Hundred R&D Award”, 2008 Research Excellence Award and 2010 Agricultural Research Service Technology Transfer Award, a USDA sponsored research program.

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