We are pleased to announce that Aleph Farms, Fermbox Bio, and BBGI have entered a strategic partnership, focusing on the production of cultivated meat. This collaboration taps into Aleph Farms’ technology know-how, scaling and operational expertise of Fermbox Bio, and larger-scale manufacturing capabilities of BBGI Public Company Ltd. It marks a significant step in our journey towards innovative food solutions, particularly emphasizing the role of Southeast Asia in the food technology sector.

Strategic Alignment for Global Sustainability

“The strategic partnership with BBGI and Aleph Farms seamlessly aligns with our core business mission of propelling biotechnological innovations — strengthening global sustainability and contributing to the future of human existence,” stated Mr. Subramani Ramachandrappa, Founder of Fermbox. “Drawing upon our extensive experience in designing and operating large-scale biomanufacturing facilities, we are well-positioned to operationalize the shared objectives of this collaboration. We are excited to be part of this partnership — bringing together people and companies from across the world with complementary strengths to build the first-of-its-kind large-scale cultivated meat facility in Thailand.”

Southeast Asia: Forerunner in Forging the Future of Foods

This initiative places Southeast Asia at the forefront of the food technology sector, emphasizing the region’s potential to impact global food systems positively. By joining forces with Aleph Farms’ cultivation technology and BBGI’s bio-industrial strengths, we aim to address the cultivated meat industry’s challenges, fostering advancements in viable and scalable meat alternatives.

Innovative Milestone for Food Systems

Sneha Singh, Managing Director (Acting) at GFI India, highlights the importance of this partnership: ” This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in the development of resilient food systems in the global south and beyond. By bringing together a diverse array of expertise — from synthetic biology research to large-scale biomanufacturing — this partnership model sets a new standard for interdisciplinary collaboration in alternative protein innovation. We congratulate Fermbox, BBGI, and Aleph Farms for this groundbreaking initiative. “

Foundation of Expertise

Fermbox Bio leverages its extensive network, including equipment manufacturers, industry experts, and quality specialists, to design and operate a cutting-edge facility. With its background in biomanufacturing, Fermbox Bio aims to introduce advancements in facility design, energy and equipment efficiency, cell harvesting, media reuse, and waste reduction.

Mr. Ramachandrappa, also established Laurus Bio (formerly Richcore Lifesciences), known for its cell culture media ingredients vital for animal cell growth. His and Fermbox Bio’s team’s expertise in mammalian cell culture, biopharmaceutical quality, and manufacturing processes are crucial for tackling the challenges in animal cell cultivation.

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