FERMBOX BIO @Enzymes Thematic Sub-Sector Meeting in Bengaluru: India’s Biomanufacturing Initiative by DBT

The inaugural Enzymes Thematic Sub-Sector meeting held in Bengaluru under the Department of Biotechnology’s Biomanufacturing Initiative marked a pivotal moment — showcasing India’s dedication to advancing a bio-based circular economy and reducing carbon emissions.

Within the larger framework of the biomanufacturing initiative, DBT has identified 14 sub-sectors across six thematic areas. This gathering served as a dynamic platform for diverse stakeholders to unite and devise strategies for India to establish itself as a global leader in biomanufacturing.

Notably, the active involvement of the Indian government in discussions and its commitment to fostering collaboration between the public and private sectors were evident throughout the event.

A central focus of the meeting revolved around India’s biofuel policy, where meaningful dialogues were conducted to enhance biofuel production, distribution, and utilization in alignment with India’s renewable energy objectives. This steadfast commitment to sustainable energy solutions underscores India’s determination to propel the biomanufacturing industry into the future.

The event brought together diverse participants, ranging from multinational corporations to dynamic startups, exemplifying the collaborative spirit, inclusivity, and shared vision of all stakeholders in advancing India’s biomanufacturing sector.

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