Navigating Through the Cultivated Meat & Fermentation Industry Trends with Mr. Subramani Ramachandrappa

Explore GFI’s ISPIC’s Scientific Explainer podcast, via their Founder Friday Series, delving into the cultivated meat and fermentation sector, as Mr. Subramani Ramachandrappa (Subbu), the Founder of Fermbox Bio, engages in a dynamic
conversation with the GFIdeas India Community. 

Listen to this episode to follow Mr. Subramani’s trajectory from Richcore Lifesciences (now Laurus Bio) to Fermbox Bio, gaining insights that challenge preconceived notions about cultivated meat. He also speaks about the evolution of biotech as a business in India over the years, underscoring the pivotal role of animal-free ingredients in the biopharma domain. From funding to employment trends, Mr. Subramani touches upon topics offering a holistic view of the industry’s landscape and future direction.

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