We’re tapping into the potential of the microbial world to solve real-world challenges & build a sustainable future.

Fermbox Bio leverages cutting-edge synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, and enzyme engineering to design exclusive microbial strains and enzymes — that churn out targeted biomaterials through precision fermentation.

Put simply, we rewire and repurpose enzymes and microbial systems to produce customized biomaterials — programming microorganisms into tiny production factories.

Taking A Closer Look

Rewiring Metabolism

We’re essentially reprogramming the metabolism of microbes and enzymes to make them convert simple sugars into specific biomaterials.

This involves a meticulous intervention at the molecular level, allowing us to steer the bioconversion process towards the desired structural and functional outcomes. Think of it as tweaking a biological factory at the molecular level, allowing us to produce the next-gen biomaterials we want with accuracy and efficiency.

Repurposing Microbial Systems

We leverage the transformative potential of redirecting microbial functions — guiding the conversion of carbon sources into biomaterials that align with sustainability goals. This approach serves as a viable alternative to traditional manufacturing methods and holds the promise of disrupting supply chains reliant on non-renewable resources and highly polluting processes.

We copy the gene responsible for the production of biomaterials in plants and animals and insert it into a microbial system. This changes everything!

The gene acts like a manual, instructing the microbial system to efficiently produce the product of choice. Microbial metabolism can be engineered to convert natural ingredients, and the structure and properties of the end products can be dictated using specialized techniques, expanding our possibilities immensely.

We utilize precision fermentation and large-scale manufacturing innovations to enhance process efficiency and commercial viability.